Raw Vegan Culinary Course


Just imagine being able to provide amazing food and knowing you are enhancing people’s health in the process. Learn techniques specific to a plant based diet to enhance the health and wellbeing of friends and family, and if you decide to take it a step further, to create a successful business in the area of plant based food.

What’s In It?

Learn about the health benefits of a raw plant based diet, so whether you’re already vegan and want a refresher, or you’re considering making the switch, there is something in here for you.
Get the opportunity to explore and build your own recipes. The free bonus material also provides plenty of extra raw vegan recipes for you to learn, prepare and enjoy.
Raw vegan food preparation may require some specialist kitchenware that you may not yet be using. Our course will introduce you to the tools typically used by professional raw vegan chefs.
It’s more than just cutting up a few veggies. We cover kitchen skills and techniques specific to a raw plant based diet, such as soaking, juicing, sprouting, fermenting and dehydrating.
Want to know how to prepare nutrient dense plant based meals? Unsure how you can source your protein from plants? Get empowered to provide for a well-balanced diet.
For any new diet, knowing which ingredients to use can be the biggest challenge. Our course will show you what to use, and what you can use as a good replacement for traditional ingredients.

Completing this course has been a fantastic learning experience, which has given me the skills and confidence to inspire and support others, to start their journey toward a healthier way of eating. The encouragement and support given throughout the course have been amazing, and the continued support after completing the course has been so valuable in getting my business established.

Kerrie Cox
Modanville, NSW

I have really appreciated and enjoyed being able to do the course self paced. I work full time and do other studies, so this course offered me the ability to study something I was passionate about without time commitments hanging over my head. I was surprised at how good it is!! It covers so much information and it is explained and shown in such a way that it is very easy to understand.

Jodie Moorhead
Clackline, WA

The course is really interesting, helps to develop new skills, is well presented. I enjoyed everything, from theory to practice, videos about food preparation and tips that I always get from my coach. I like the practical side of it, lots of information about benefit of raw food and nutrition. It encourages me to become an active learner. I have always been helped by my coach.

Marcello Maricosu
London, UK

A professional, well presented and informative course including many foundational aspects to creating and incorporating (more) raw and high raw, WFPB processes and meals for both personal and professional pursuits. Easy to access learning materials and modalities, with on-point subjects including latest research and culinary trends.   I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the journey.

Niamh Wilde
Cooloongup, WA

While you could definitely learn from online articles, YouTube and cookbooks, the course’s learning material provides a good foundation for plant based nutrition, culinary techniques and great tips for running a kitchen, whether at home or commercially. The course was inspiring and helped me to transition into a raw plant based diet. A must for those looking for a lifestyle change!

Massiel Madriz
Madrid, Spain

Informative, challenging at times and exciting. Shows the wide range of equipment, techniques and skills that transform raw food into amazing creations. I’m learning so much about raw food I never knew – knife skills, fermenting, sprouting, better macro and micronutrients in my diet. I love this course. After each lesson, I try what I’ve learnt. I’m invigorated and inspired the entire time.

Megan Berdini
Cobram, VIC

Plant based foods are very fun and creative especially when integrating the raw with cooked ones. My coach shared her knowledge on how to improve my assignments, emphasizing on nutritional values of the dish. I am more creative than I thought myself to be and I can now multi task pretty well in the kitchen. I like that this course allowed me to complete the assignments at my own pace.

Lu Lu Ong

You Are What You Eat…

So Eat Well, Be Healthy, And Enjoy Every Mouthful

online raw vegan food culinary course

The Raw & Vegan Culinary course is brought to you by the Raw Food Institute of Australia, taking people all over on an incredible journey into the world of raw and plant based food preparation. Join us on our quest to improve global health and wellbeing and we will show you how amazing raw vegan food can be, both in terms of culinary delight and the amazing effect it will have on your body.

When done correctly, plant based food preparation is far from being the bland and boring diet that the mainstream food industry would have you believe – the recipes, ingredients and techniques are endless, as are the benefits, and we will show you how to unlock the secrets of this wonderful world.

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